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“I particularly appreciate when Graham quotes ancient Chinese text. It’s like phone sex for people with a really specific fetish.” -an unnamed Canadian nurse

“It’s such a nice combination of perspectives – and it also makes me feel smart for all the things I learned (and remember from) epidemiology last semester.” -an unnamed Canadian doctoral student

“I’ve been listening to your podcast on my way home from work in the car. Graham’s voice helps quell my road rage.” -an angry listener

“It’s sort of a long attention span ‘Infinite Monkey Cage’. Graham has a great radio voice.” -mysterious Twitter listener

“I listen for my leisure.” -Dr R. Harrison, a genuine British scientist with an accent and everything

“I just listened/watched this episode. You two had way too much fun! It’s a science comedy show. With good facts. Thanks for the info and the laughs.” – @gabituto on Twitter